Early Morning Workouts

Start your day right. Our 60-minute morning workouts boost metabolism and improve energy.

  • Weights for strength and power
  • Walking to sprinting for endurance, speed and metabolic change
  • Stretching for flexibility
  • Skills for coordination, balance and precision
  • Games for fun
  • Workouts for all adult ages and skill levels

Team Fitness works! The proof – 25 Years of consistent success. Add it all together, hundreds of pounds of lean muscle gained, hundreds of pounds of fat lost, and closets full of clothing that no longer fits to prove it.

Team Fitness members are setting the stage for unflagging health and fitness for their next 40 years.

About Team Fitness

With over 25 years of consistent success, Team Fitness is one of the best workout programs. Our staff of friendly, expert coaches will get you in shape fast. In addition to improving physical health, our team structure builds consistency, self-discipline and team spirit.

At Team Fitness, we focus on fun, variety and camaraderie. No two workouts are ever the same! Our members come for the fitness, but stay for the friendship. Team Fitness average membership is over 10 years!


Membership in Team Fitness is $195 per month. Workout between three and six times a week. At three workouts per week, it comes to about $15 per session. See “Offers” section below for special deals.


Get half off your first two months, or your first month free. Try Team Fitness today by scheduling a week of complimentary classes.

Head Coach Tom Gordon

"We love seeing members improve. Endurance, strength, and flexibility – up, heart rate, cholesterol, pain – down, flexibility, speed, coordination, and skill – up, and fitness, friendships, and health – up."

Tom Gordon Head Coach, Team Fitness

Try Team Fitness for free

Schedule a week of free workouts
Try Team Fitness for free. Send us an email to schedule a week of free workouts. Schedule free workouts


  • Co-Ed
  • Women Only
  • Men's Basketball

Co-ed Group Workouts

Blach Jr. HS Gym Los Altos, 1120 Covington Road
MWF 6-7 am
TTh 6-7 am
Sat 7-8 am

Arrillaga Gym Menlo Park, 600 Alma Street
MWF 5:30-6:30 am, 6:30-7:30 am, 7:30-8:30 am
TTh 5:30-6:30 am, 6:30-7:30 am
Sat 7-8 am

Women's Workouts

Arrillaga Gym Menlo Park, 600 Alma Street
MWF 8:30-8:30 am

Men’s Basketball

Blach Jr. HS Gym Los Altos, 1120 Covington Road
Sat 6-7 am

Arrillaga Gym Menlo Park, 600 Alma Street
MWF 6:30-7:30 am
Sat 6:30-8 am

Affiliated Fitness Services

Personal and Small Group Training

Fitness Counseling and Body Balance

  • Franklin Method
  • STOTT Pilates
  • Yoga

Call for pricing and details: (877) 751-5100 x3